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An innovative line of mobile and self-supporting partitions that, in addition to dividing the room, can be used as decoration, ceramic slates, to organize materials and even to hang TVs.

Ambiente recepção.

Movision GAB

Movision GAB is a TV stand cabinet perfect for transforming your work environment into a dynamic and efficient space. With an ergonomic and functional design, it is compatible with various TV models on the market.

TeakStation line

The tables and benches in Metadil’s TeakStation range are perfect for working environments. With the possibility of changing the layout as required, this furniture offers practicality and flexibility.

Sala de aula com wallvision TV

Wallvision TV

Wallvision TV is a board made up of two side modules with a ceramic surface and a central module for a 75-inch TV.

Individual tables

Metadil has developed a new concept of individual tables. Its distinctive design ensures greater freedom of movement and ease of use.

Aria Chairs

The Aria chair line has a differentiated design, a polypropylene seat and back and a choice of different models that meet all needs.


Drop tables

Ideal for group or individual activities, Drops Metadil tables are suitable for being lightweight and versatile. It is possible to interact with colleagues at work from different space formats.

Tilt tables

Metadil tilting tables are easy to move and practical to store. They have a top finished in BP ultra and steel frame making them resistant and durable.

Setbox workbench

The SetBox workbench aims to allow students to create mechanical and electronic devices in an organized way, encouraging learning. Its design was created to facilitate access to components and tools used in each project.

Setbox drawer units

Metadil’s new Setbox drawers have a steel structure and polypropylene drawers to organize spaces simply and quickly, as needed.



Increasingly, students need to develop reasoning and logic collectively to maximize problem solving. The Wallvision Writing Surface System is designed to make the best use of space within the classroom.

Library shelves

The Metadil library shelving line is intended to meet the main needs of schools. Organization and order of teaching materials are important so that the spaces are better used, in addition to making the environment more pleasant.

Furniture with ergonomics, comfort and practicality.

Making furniture goes far beyond simply generating objects that fulfill a basic function.

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