Model Description
4614 Fixed right
4614E Fixed left
4614BC Tipper right
4614BCE Tipper left
4614R Fixed right with wheels
4614RE Fixed left with wheels
4614BCR Tipper right with wheels
4614BCRE Tilt left with wheels
Model Description
4614ES Fixed right
4614ESE Fixed left
4614ESBC Tipper right
4614ESBCE Tipper left
4614ESR Fixed right with wheels
4614ESRE Fixed left with wheels
4614ESBCR Tipper right with wheels
4614ESBCRE Tilt left with wheels
Model Description
4615 Fixed right
4615E Fixed left
4615BC Tipper right
4615BCE Tipper left
4615R Fixed right with wheels
4615RE Fixed left with wheels
4615BCR Tipper right with wheels
4615BCRE Tilt left with wheels
Model Description
4615ES Fixed right
4615ESE Fixed left
4615ESBC Tipper right
4615ESBCE Tipper left
4615ESR Fixed right with wheels
4615ESRE Fixed left with wheels
4615ESBCR Tipper right with wheels
4615ESBCRE Tilt left with wheels
Model Description
4616 Fixed right
4616E Fixed left
4616BC Tipper right
4616BCE Tipper left
4616R Fixed right with wheels
4616RE Fixed left with wheels
4616BCR Tipper right with wheels
4616BCRE Tilt left with wheels
Model Description
4616ES Fixed right
4616ESE Fixed left
4616ESBC Tipper right
4616ESBCE Tipper left
4616ESR FIxed right with wheels
4616ESRE Fixed left with wheels
4616ESBCR Tipper right with wheels
4616ESBCRE Tilt left with wheels



SH – Seat height (mm)

Stature (m)

Age group



1,59 – 1,88

Over 14 years old



Polypropylene seat and back

Fabric upholstered seat

Seat upholstered in eco-leather

Metal structure and tips