Main features

High resistance to scratches, abrasiveness and impacts

The ceramic surface has a scratch resistance far superior to formica. The rigid, solid substrate of the ultra 18mm MDP ensures impact resistance.


Low brightness

The ceramic surface has a low gloss that ensures excellent projection and writing.

Ease of cleaning

Surface resistant to various chemical products that facilitate cleaning.


Magnetic surface

Because it has a metallic substrate, magnetized pieces adhere to its surface.

Flexibility in use

Inks, semi-permanent pens and other materials can be used, as they can be removed with their respective removers, without damaging the surface.


Wallvision modular boards

  W x H
300 x 120 cm
QWL4012 400 x 120 cm

Colors and finishes


Metal structure

Ícone cor cinza nobac
Ícone cor grafite


Ícone cor cinza nobac
Ícone cor grafite


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